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While this site is safe for work, pages or links within this network may reference R-18 material or topics. Please browse with caution and do not access explicit source material if you under the age of 18.

Some fanlistings remain a work in progress and will be published at a later date.

VLG - A fanlisting for Okinaga Zenya (sweet pool)

Designed by Koinuko

One more time… - A fanlisting for Ryo Asuka (Devilman)

Designed by AllyRat

denatured - A fanlisting for Towa (Slow Damage)

Designed by AllyRat

bloom. - A fanlisting for Saya no Uta

Designed by Koinuko

pulse:rain:image:color - A fanlisting for Seragaki Aoba (DRAMAtical Murder)

Work in progress

Most Devoted Believer - A fanlisting for Hua Cheng (Heaven Official's Blessing)

Designed by AllyRat

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whorehau.se is a fanlisting collective run by a few BL fans who might be a bit too obsessed with their faves. It was created in July 2023 by Koinuko, along with reon and AllyRat to celebrate their shared love of BL, as well as general anime, manga and videogames.

The name was conceived while Koinuko was searching for funny domains to buy. After finding out that the domain whorehou.se was already taken, she settled for a suggestion from a friend: the somewhat-German variant, whorehau.se!

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